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The story begins on a cold and snowy evening in a quaint and sleepy little town called Chicago. At a local alcoholic beverage distribution establishment, three friends gathered to discuss politics, religion, the meaning of life… and to get quite drunk.

We will call these three Jason, Leslie and Dave (because those are their damn names). Many libations were imbibed that evening, and eventually the alcohol would contribute to one of the most brilliant ideas ever to be borne from a human mind.



You see, a few months earlier, Leslie, knowing Jason was a master of the culinary arts, had asked him for a recipe so she could make a special birthday dinner for her beloved, Dave. He mulled it over for a short while, and came up with something he thought would be awesome. And, as it turns out…. it sure as hell was amazing. For, on that snowy night at the bar, while the three pondered the nuances of the universe, and got more hammered than the teenage offspring of a frat-boy and a crack-whore, Leslie and Dave told Jason that they thought he should write a cookbook. “Write a f%@king cookbook?” Jason slurred, “You two must be drunker than the teenage offspring of a frat-boy and a crack-whore” he continued ”I will tell you what I do think though… I think that you two [email protected] oughta get in the kitchen, and pay me back for giving you that damn recipe”.. Just at that moment, the stars had aligned, the clouds parted and a moonbeam descended upon Jason’s head. Time stopped and only he was still in motion, the lights of all of Chicago … well, you get the damn idea. ”How freakin’ funny would a cookbook called “Get in the kitchen, [email protected]!” be?!?!?!” he said to Leslie and Dave. They both looked at him with their alcohol-glazed eyes, swayed back and forth almost unnoticeably, and produced the widest grins he had ever seen. Jason knew he had just touched upon something great. Either that, or they were simultaneously passing gas. He chose to believe it was the former.

Jason started planning everything in his head as the three zig-zagged and stumbled their way through the frozen tundra that hours before had been Damen Avenue. Jason chose to crash at Dave and Leslie’s because he knew there was no freakin’ way to get home in two feet of snow, plus, he thought there might be a chance for a three-way. Well, no three-way was to be had that chilly night in January, but what came next can only be described as awe-inspiring. For when Jason awoke the next morning, hung-over, yet sober, the idea of creating a cookbook called “Get in the Kitchen, [email protected]!” still sounded top-notch. A-one if you will.

He took the next year to write the book and create a plan on how to get it to market. Finally, in January of 2008, Jason started the process of designing, publishing, and distributing his masterpiece after numerous literary agents said it would never be a success. The result was Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works, Inc., founded for the sole purpose of encouraging people to laugh while they learn how to cook. Well that… and to make a ton of money. Based in Chicago, IL, WBCW, Inc. aims to revolutionize the traditional cookbook and culinary accessories market by introducing, a series of humorous texts, culinary utensils, and gourmet food products designed to be functional as well as entertaining.

Never before has there been a culinary company
so creative, so awesome, and so damn cool.

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