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CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’RE A [email protected]!

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You’re done being a basic [email protected] None of that common nonsense for you!

Raise your head high, be proud and own your [email protected] status! As a result, you are now entitled to have it all, including:

  • A permanent 10% discount on all of our [email protected] Store products!  (your 10% discount is automatically reflected in the prices you see when you visit the [email protected] Store – see below for details)
  • Access to all of our premium recipes and cooking lessons- All of the basic [email protected] will be blocked from this content. You however, will be granted permission to see every [email protected]’ entry on this site!
  • The ability to create your very own Recipe Box of your favorite recipes. The basic [email protected] will have to scavenge through the site to find their favorites like the lowly peasants they are.
  • The ability to view and print shopping lists so you never forget anything at the store again! The basic [email protected] will have to use their damn memories.
  • Your free electronic copy of “Get in the Kitchen, [email protected]!”
  • Ability to enter contests and win free sh!t!


YOUR [email protected] DISCOUNT!

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Your 10% discount is good as long as you are a [email protected]!

You get 10% off of all of our products even when they are on sale! You don’t have to do anything! The price you see in the [email protected] Store already includes your 10% off.  And don’t forget you can mix and match and buy several of our spice blends together for additional discounts!

  • buy any 1-3 spices for $7.19 each
  • buy any 4-6 spices for $6.29 each
  • buy any 7 spices or more for $5.39 each


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Build a recipe list of all of your favorite meals and see them right here. All because you are a [email protected]!


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Add a recipe and automatically get a shopping list here.

Sorry, only registered users may create menus.

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Your saved menus are here.


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Find all contests and join [email protected] only forum here.


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