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Carve the Turkey, [email protected]! Kindle Edition


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Carve the Turkey, [email protected]! recipes, so your holidays don’t suck. The freeloaders you call friends and family are descending upon your home and expecting a holiday feast to top all holiday feasts. You’re not even close to being ready. But don’t fret, my little [email protected], you have it covered because you bought this book! You now have recipes, planning guides, cooking lessons, and a whole lotta funny crap for every holiday from Memorial Day to New Year’s Eve! All you will need to do is Carve the Turkey, [email protected]! From the author of the “Get in the Kitchen, [email protected]! Cookbook” Carve the Turkey, [email protected]! is the most hilarious, comprehensive holiday cookbook to ever be published! Quit yer damn whining and Get in the Kitchen, [email protected]!