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Franmara Silver Beer Growler Triple-Wall Flask



Franmara 5002 64 oz. triple-wall stainless steel beer growler. This beer growler features excellent insulation to keep beer colder, longer. In fact, the vacuum-sealed, triple-wall construction traps in cold temperatures, preserving product quality, while eliminating the risk of messy condensation on the outside of the growler. This pairs perfectly with a sleek black, Tritan plastic top that quickly unscrews from the base for easy cleaning. When the top is removed, the base offers an ample 2 1/4″ wide opening for cleaning and filling. With this growler, you’ll be able to send profitable IPAs, ciders, porters, stouts, and ales home with customers, quickly and easily. For in-house use, this growler is great for bartenders obtaining beer from kegs. You’ll be able to eliminate waste while maximizing profits! When the keg gets low, simply pour the remaining beer into the growler and serve from there. The easy to grip growler makes pouring into glasses a breeze! With this growler, you’ll get the convenience you deserve with the look you desire. Overall Dimensions:Maximum Diameter: 5″Height: 12 3/8″