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Humiliating Stickers


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Our Humiliating Drink Stickers are a hilarious way to prank a mate and have everyone in stitches at home or at the bar!

All you must do is to seek out the perfect opportunity, create an Oscar-worthy distraction, or do your best ninja impersonation while you stick one of these insulting stickers discreetly under their bottle or glass of your unsuspecting victim. The humiliation factor of each sticker ranges from mildly offensive, spit-your-drink-out-funny, to downright scandalous:

  • I’ve got a tiny willy
  • I’ve got no underwear on
  • I have no friends
  • Kick me
  • Oxygen thief
  • and more!

But wait, there’s more! (info-commercial voice) This pack contains plain stickers to write your own personalized insults, for when the mood strikes! A fun office gift, stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, or prank in waiting to carry around in your purse or back pocket the next time happy hour strikes.

Contains 30 attention-grabbing adhesive stickers. Includes an assortment of printed and plain stickers for DIY adventures. Each white, red, and black sticker measures 2 inches in diameter. Place each sticker on a dry surface only – unless of course, you want it to slide of. Package measures approximately 3.75 wide x 5.45 inches tall.  Our Humiliating Drink Stickers our embarrassingly fun!