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Let’s Get Cooking! Kids and Teen Camps 2024


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Mom & Dad! Get me in the Kitchen this Summer!

Is your child a wiz in the kitchen?!? Have they ever wanted to learn how to cook better? Well… get them in the kitchen this summer with our amazing Chef Janet Cobb during our Kids & Teens Cooking Camps!

ABOUT JANET: Janet Cobb holds a degree in food science and nutrition, with an emphasis in culinary arts. As a head chef, a personal home chef, and an educational cooking instructor, Janet has fed and taught 1000’s! Janet has taken her talents across the globe and returned enriched by other cultures and cuisines. Throughout her career, Janet has designed innovative, flavorful recipes to enhance physical and mental well-being through her culinary creations. A former teacher, Janet is an international speaker, a TEDx speaker, workshop facilitator, coach and the author of five books, with a cookbook due for publication in 2024.


Have your kids join her for our amazingly fun series of cooking camps this summer! During camp, Janet will teach them cooking techniques and skills and get your kids cooking like never before!

Choose from 2 different tracks for both kids and teens! All tracks guaranteed to teach them culinary skills while having an ABSOLUTE blast!






Kids Camp

  • Ages 7 – 11 
  • Kids Camp is held from 9 am – 11:30 am
  • $450 / week per child (all taxes and fees included)
  • 8 campers minimum
  • 16 campers maximum

Teen Camp

  • Ages 12 – 16
  • Teen Camp is held from 1pm – 4:00 pm
  • $500 / week per teen (all taxes and fees included)
  • 8 campers minimum
  • 20 campers maximum


  1. Check out the dates, menus, and curriculums offered below.
  2. Select the track that suits your child the most in the drop down menu box above where it says “Choose An Option”
  3. Place your selection in your cart by pressing “Add to Cart”.
  4. Then “View Cart” and checkout!
  5. Then you’re all signed up and we will see your child or teen in camp!


Dates, Curriculum & Menus 

Let’s Get Baking  June 24th -28th

  Kids Teens
Day 1: Coconut Macaroons


Bacon Tot Muffins

Pancakes, Waffles and Crepes

Chocolate Stuffed Cupcakes

Zucchini Bread


Day 2:


Chocolate Fudge

Peanut Clusters

Peanut Butter Cups

Easy Toffee

Crème’ Brulé

Pumpkin Zeppole (Italian Donuts)

Jelly Roll

Bubble Tea

Day 3: Angel Food Cake

Upside Down Cake

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars

Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake

Glazed Chocolate Chip Scones

Day 4:


Puff Pastry




Phyllo Dough

Pumpkin Turnover

Fruit Cups

Cranberry & Brie Bites


Layered Checker Cake

Chocolate Pavlova


Day 5:


Apple Pie

Banana Cream Pie

No-bake Easy Lemon Pie


Cheese Danish

Hong Kong Coconut Buns


Let’s Get Cooking Fusion Style July 15th-19th

  Kids Teens
Day 1: Fusion TACOS Kung Pao Chicken Tacos

Sweet & Sour Shrimp Tacos

Breakfast Tacos

Kung Pao Tacos

Shrimp Tacos

Wonton Tacos

Falafel Tacos


Day 2: Fusion PIZZA


Bacon-Crusted Pizza

Mexican Pizza

Veggie Crusted Pizza

Bacon-Crusted Pizza

Indian Flatbread

Veggie Crusted Pizza

Day 3: Fusion PASTA


Mexican Ravioli

Curry Lasagna

Greek Mostaccioli (Pastitsio)

Mexican Ravioli

Curry Lasagna

Greek Mostaccioli (Pastitsio)

Day 4: Fusion BURGERS


Ramen Burgers

Salmon Cordon Bleu Burgers

Black Bean & Lentil Burgers

Sloppy Joe Boa Buns

Salmon Cordon Bleu Burgers

Black Bean & Lentil Burgers

Day 5: Fusion DESSERTS


Caramel Chai Flan

Tres Leches Kulfi Cupcakes

Caramel Chai Flan

Tres Leches Kulfi Cupcakes

Lemon Olive Oil Cake

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Let’s Get Cooking Baking for Kids June 24-28, Let’s Get Baking for Teens June 24 – 28, Let’s Get Cooking Fusion Style for Kids July 15 – 29, Let’s Get Cooking Fusion Style for Teens July 15 – 29