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Whether it’s a Fourth of July barbecue or Thanksgiving dinner, you won’t have to waste what little brain cells you have creating your menu and planning every aspect of your gathering. It’s all right here for you [email protected]

WARNING:  Following our menu advice, cooking our holiday recipes and using our planning checklist will result in a flawless gathering and cause those ungrateful [email protected] you call family and friends to expect that you to host every holiday going forward. We strongly suggest you screw some sh!t up on purpose to prevent this from occurring.


Don’t Screw Up the Turkey, [email protected]! Make Sure to Visit our Holiday Cooking Lessons Page Before You Cook All of Your Holiday Favorites!

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Don’t have a holiday menu yet? Don’t fret, my little [email protected]! Whether your family of freeloaders are coming for the Fourth of July or for New Years Eve, we’ve got you covered! And do yourself a favor. Check out our Holiday Cooking Lessons so your main course doesn’t turn out drier than grandma’s nether regions!


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Don’t spend the Holiday running around like a frantic [email protected]! Make sure to download our Holiday Planning Guide so no one gets hurt but the Turkey!

What You’ll Find in the Holiday Guide:

[kleo_icon icon=”check” icon_size=”1x”]What to do three weeks before the holiday

[kleo_icon icon=”check” icon_size=1x”]When to create a guest list

[kleo_icon icon=”check” icon_size=”1x”]When to purchase alcohol and stock up on perishable and non-perishable foods

[kleo_icon icon=”check” icon_size=”1x”]What can wait until the holiday day


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View All Our Holiday Recipes

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Chicken, Spinach, Artichoke & Asiago Cheese Rangoon
Olive, Red Pepper Bruschetta
Brie & Jam Crispy Won Tons
Maple Ginger Candied Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potato Latkes
Cranberry Onion Brisket or Pot Roast
Pan Fried Matzo Balls
Pan-Fried Sweet Potato, Maple & Ginger Dumplings
Marsala & Tomato Pulled Chicken Sandwiches
Pumpkin Brie & Cranberry Won Tons
Bourbon Pumpkin Pulled Pork or Chicken Sandwiches
Bourbon Lime Honey Pulled Pork or Chicken
Horseradish Mustard Potato Salad
Bourbon Honey Pulled Pork or Chicken Sandwiches
Blue Cheese Bruschetta
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Did you succeed in making enough food to feed the ungrateful [email protected] you call friends and family for three more holidays? Don’t fret, visit our LEFTOVER RECIPES page so you can make awesome meals they will love to eat again!

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