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Waste Not; Want Not. Tips for Your (Seemingly) Empty Condiments

How many times have you gone into the fridge and seen an empty jar of mayo or mustard? You know, the jar where there are basically streaks up the side left by the last person (usually your husband) who tried to scrape every last molecule out to make a halfway decent sandwich and still decided there was enough for the next person to recreate his efforts.  So you just say “screw it” and throw the jar into the recycling bin, right? WRONG!

Why you gotta be so wasteful? Seriously..there is still a ton of amazing flavor left in that jar! Here are some tips on how to use every last flavorful drip so they aren’t such an inefficient waste of culinary space anymore.

Tips for Mustard

  • Add some olive oil, vinegar and spices and make a great mustard vinaigrette salad dressing.
  • Add a little mayo right into the jar and make a mustard-aise for sandwiches.  When that’s done, add vinegar, oil and spices and shake for a salad dressing.
  • Add some soy sauce, vinegar, Worscestershire sauce, some spices and a drop of water right into the jar and shake. Then place some meat in a bowl and pour it on top for an amazing meat marinade.
  • Make a homemade steak sauce by adding worcestershire, ketchup, hot sauce, vinegar and some BBQ spices.
  • Add some mayo and a packet of onion mix and make an amazing tangy dip for chips and vegetables.
  • Use a little (tbsp) water or vinegar, put the lid on and shake until all of the mustard is off of the side of the jar and add it to a homemade soup or stew for a nice acidic kick to your flavor.


Tips for KetchupKetchup

  • Add some soy sauce, mustard, vinegar, sesame oil and Asian spices (garlic, five spice, white pepper, ginger, etc.) directly into the bottle and shake that sh!t up for a great marinade or stir fry sauce.
  • Add some hot sauce, vinegar, oil, and some garlic powder and you have yourself an instant “buffalo” style sauce to baste chicken with or make a spicy meatloaf.
  • Add a tbsp of vinegar, shake the bottle to get all the ketchup off the sides and then add it to a mixture of  prepared horseradish and mayo for  a creamy cocktail sauce.
  • Add a tbsp of vinegar, shake the bottle to get all the ketchup off the side and then add it to some mayo, and some chopped up pickle for a great Russian dressing!


Tips for Mayo:


  • Add some vinegar, oil, parmesan cheese and Italian spices and shake for a great Creamy Italian Dressing.
  • Add some vinegar to the jar, shake it to get the mayo off the side and then add it to ketchup, olive oil and spices for a great Russian Dressing
  • Add some mustard for a great “mustard-aise” for sandwiches





Tips for Leftover Vegetable Greens

You typically just throw the bitter leaves from your celery right down the dang disposal, right? Well stop that sh!t! You can either chop them up and use them directly in your soups, or tie that sh!t together (or put into some cheesecloth) and let them steep in your broths. Not only do they add great flavor to your soup, they are edible and tasty when cooked. You can do this with celery, carrots, beets, turnips, Kohlrabi, and radishes. You can braise these greens in your leftover meat braising liquids (see tip below) as well and have an amazing side dish!

Tips for Leftover Peanut or Other Nut Butter or Chocolate Spread

  • Add milk and make a flavorful drink!
  • Add some cream, shake and get everything off the sides and add it to your favorite homemade ice cream recipe.

Tips for Leftover Soy Sauce:

Soy Sauce

  • Add some vinegar, mustard, Asian spices, a little oil, water or chicken broth and make a great marinade.
  • Add sesame oil, mustard, rice vinegar and some hot sauce and make a great stir fry sauce.
  • Add some rice vinegar, sesame oil, some honey and some garlic powder and ginger for a great Asian salad dressing.







Tips for Leftover Olive & Pickle Juices
Besides the obvious, you know.. using them in drinks like Bloody Marys and MartinisOlive Juice

  • Add them to chicken broth based soups to add a little “acidity” and flavor
  • Add them to dijon mustard, some oil, spices, etc. for salad dressings
  • Add them to mayo with some spices for a great salad dressings and dips.
  • Add them to tomato juice with hot sauces to make a great tasting spicy tomato juice or bloody mary mix.






Tips for Leftover Braising Liquids, Tomato Sauces, Broths & Stocks.
Sauces broths stocks
A standing tip for all of your leftover braising liquids (the liquids that you use to braise pork, brisket, pot roasts, etc.) tomato sauces, broth’s and stocks is to ALWAYS freeze them in 1-2 cup portions so you have them on hand for easy weeknight meals.  In fact, when you make homemade tomato sauces, broths and stocks, make 3-4 X what you need and freeze the leftovers.

Braising Liquids

So you just made the most flavorful braised meat dish and you have all that “juice” leftover.  Dump it down the sink? Hell’s to the no!  Save that sh!t and freeze it in portions. You can use it as a base for soups, stews, and gravies. Just defrost and “de fat (skim off the frozen fat layer at the top) and add vegetables, diced meat, and a little water and you have an instant, hearty soup. Even braise vegetables in it for a quick and easy weeknight meal!

Tips for Leftover Tomato Sauce From a Jar

Let’s face it. A lot of you use the jarred crap of crap tomato sauces because you don’t want to take the time on a Sunday to make a whole batch of that sh!t and freeze it for down the road. Well, if you must, here are some tips for the last little bits:

  • Put a little (1/4 cup) of wine in the jar, swish around, and then use it in a homemade tomato sauce.
  • Put about 1/2 cup water or chicken broth in it swish it around and add it to a homemade vegetable soup base.  Here are some great soups you can use that with:
  • Add some tomato juice, spices, vinegar and hot sauce and make a great Bloody Mary Mix.

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