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Yoooooouuuuuuu [email protected]!

You asked for it, and now you got it…. This is my brand-spanking new, and might I add, awesome…website. Take a look around, [email protected]

It is here that I will be updating all of you on my culinary journeys, giving you free recipes to try out from time to time, posting some hilarious videos and most important of all… berating your sorry a$$es. Spend some time checking out the new features, and take the damn time to post a comment or three to tell me how great it looks, and how much you want to be me. However, you must remember that I alone have final editorial power, so if I don’t like what you write…DELETE.

Also, coming very soon we will have a number of contestants competing in our very first “TOP [email protected]” contest. I will be giving them a [email protected] of an ingredient, and they will be tasked with creating an amazing meal around it. I don’t really have too much faith in them, but it should be a hoot just to make fun of them as they try their hardest. So check back real soon!

Thats all for now… you are dismissed.

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