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Lesson: How to Make a Rack of Lamb

You may decide for some crazy reason, that your guests deserve something more special than the traditional turkey, ham or brisket. In such a case, a great option is either a rack or leg of lamb. It will certainly serve to make your guests feel...

Roast This, [email protected]!

Roasting is so damn easy, that I considered not even putting a section about the proper ways to roast in the lesson section. Then I remembered who I was dealing with, so thought it couldn’t hurt.The biggest risk in roasting is the meat or food...

Making a Sauce

So, we have been talking a helluva lot about deglazing pans to make sauces in past lessons, but unless you really know a thing or two about creating sauces, you’re sh*t out of luck. So, relax, stop palpitating, and listen. I am going to give...

Stewing the [email protected]

So you’ve got some vegetables and meat that’re gonna go bad if you don’t use them soon. What the hell do you do with them? You stew ‘em bitch!  A great stew can be a hearty meal or a great mid-winter comfort. And it’s pretty...

Braising the [email protected]

WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BRAISE? Braising can be great for tough cuts of meat like lamb shanks, pot roasts, brisket and even chicken. Although, you really can braise anything you like. I like to braise a variety of foods from meats to fruits and vegetables....

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