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Learning to Love Your Leftovers!

Tips for using your leftovers to make meals you will love to eat again! Ok, so you succeeded in making enough food to feed the freeloaders you call friends and family for two weeks. Don't fret! This just means your next few meals are halfway cooked....

5 Tips for the Best Turkey of Your Dang Life!

Don't Have Plans? JOIN US FOR THANKSGIVING THIS YEAR! For Tickets Click here! Don't make a turkey drier than Grandma's Kisses this year! Here are my five tips to get a perfect mother clucker every time!   1. DON’T STUFF THE TURKEY! So, when it comes to actually cooking...

Fourth of July Recipes

Get yer July 4th flava right up in heeyah!!!  Don't know what to make this weekend? these easy recipes will have you licking yer damn fingers! Whether you are cooking indoors or out, we have the recipes that will make you shed a tear...

More Easy-Ass One-Pan Wonders!

By now, you must have tried one of our One-Pan Wonders. Right?  So you know how freakin' easy they are. Right? Especially when you get home from a long days work and just want to suck down that glass of wine. Well now you can...

3 New Delectable Recipes for Spring!

Goat Sperm & Marsala Scalloped Potatoes, Cow Pie & Cauliflower Balls over Creamy Tomato Pasta, Fried Eggplant in a Pig Urine & Garlic Sauce. These recipes typically reserved for the upscale restaurants of LA, Chicago & NY are now available at home! If you haven't experienced...