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//Once upon a time there was a Little Red-Headed Employee. Every day she would travel over the river and through the woods to the Enchanted Office to visit her co-workers, perform her professional duties and occasionally go out for happy hour, get trashed and...

Alternatives to Turkey For Thanksgiving

Don't just talk turkey this Thanksgiving. If you love your family and friends, then you may want to really show them they are more than just adequate by whipping up one of these main courses. All you need to know to make these dishes is right...

Kitchen [email protected] Holiday Wish List- 2015 Gift Ideas for your Culinary Inclined Foodie

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Get Your Just Desserts. Right. Damn. Here.

So, you went ahead and made the whole damn holiday meal. The appetizers, the sides, and the feckin' turkey. You don't have much energy left and you just want to go out and get a store bought pumpkin pie, right?  WRONG!  here are three easy desserts...

Hop on the Gravy Train!

When you go ahead and cover up your ruined turkey (cause you didn't follow our 5 tips to Make The Best Damn Turkey Of Your Life here), don't just make the same old boring gravy. Make that sh!t sing with these amazing recipes! Did you...

Up Your Cranberry Sauce Game!

Cranberry sauce is usually an afterthought and half of the time it never even makes it to the damn table because it's been forgotten in the fridge until everyone is done eating. Let's take baby out of the damn corner shall we?  Stop treating it like the red...

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