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LITTLE CHICKEN [email protected]

Once upon a time, there lived a booze-loving Little Chicken [email protected]  Poor Little Chicken [email protected] would constantly stumble into the town square slurring crazy sh!t like “The sky is falling!” or “Where the heck is my scotch?” One late-fall day, while out on a bender, he decided to frolic naked in the field. You see boys and girls, Little Chicken [email protected] liked the way the wheat stalks felt when they brushed up against his bare rear. As he lay there frolicking, a part of the sky actually did fall that day. Fell right atop his Little Chicken [email protected] head and killed him instantly. Poor Little Chicken [email protected]

Later that afternoon, while searching for a secluded place to experiment with their lesbianic curiosities, Foxy Roxy and Penny Henny  stumbled upon Little Chicken [email protected]’s cold, lifeless body. Penny Henny cried out “Oh Dear! What SHALL we do?” while Foxy Roxy thought to herself “How fortuitous!”  You see, just the day before, Foxy Roxy ‘s Aunt Murtle Turtle sent her a Royal [email protected] Gift Pack from GetMeInTheKitchen.com for Christmas.  So they gathered Little Chicken [email protected], dragged his stiff, cold ass back to Foxy’s house, de-feathered him and cleaned out his giblets and removed the wheat stalks from his bum. Then Foxy Roxy sprinkled his cold, moist corpse with some olive oil and one of the delectable gourmet spice blends she found in her Royal [email protected] Gift Pack! Now, Foxy Roxy knew to season Little Chicken [email protected] both outside AND INSIDE his body cavity because of the wonderfully easy to follow and FREE cooking lessons she regularly found on GetMeInTheKitchen.com. They paired Little Chicken [email protected] with a delightful Savignon Blanc and accompanied him with crispy Two-Cheese Scalloped Potatoes with Roasted Red Peppers. Later that evening after two more bottles of wine, they were finally ready to explore their curiosity and went to bed. The End.

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